Eric Bana And Rebecca Hall To Play Former Lovers In John Crowley's Untitled Thriller

There many kinds of relationships that can exist between an ex-girlfriend and boyfriend or ex-wife and husband, but no matter how clean a break the couple might have had, there's always a certain level of tension and awkwardness. Whether it's something that happened before or after the breakup, co-habitation between former lovers is difficult. Hell, even Jerry and Elaine on Seinfeld weren't immune to the occasional slip up or backslide. So I can't even imagine what the would be like if that tension and awkwardness were present during a terrorist trial.

According to THR, Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall have signed on to an untitled international thriller that will feature them as "ex-lovers" who must work together on the defense team during a, you guessed it, terrorist trial. John Crowley, who is best known for directing Boy A (the movie that launched Andrew Garfield's career), is directing the project based on a script by Oscar nominee Steven Knight (Eastern Promises). Focus Features and Working Title are teaming for the project and the plan is to sell the title to foreign markets at the Cannes Film Festival in May. The current plan is to start production this April in the UK. Hall will next be seen in the Stephen Frears comedy Lay The Favorite (which just premiered at Sundance) and Bana recently completed work on the crime thriller Blackbird, from director Stefan Ruzowitzky.

Crowley really made an impression on critics with Boy A in 2007 and both Bana and Hall, while not quite A-listers yet, are some of the best actors we have going. If Knight's script is solid we could be in for a treat with this one.

Eric Eisenberg
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