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Ernest Hemingway Getting Biopic Treatment

Movies about writers have great potential to be boring-- all that sitting at a typewriter and pondering-- but something tells me Ernest Hemingway's biopic won't be that way. The Gotham Group has optioned the rights to a memoir about the bull-fighting, deep-sea-fishing, hard-living literary legend, who has been a fascinating historical figure for years and continues to intrigue even 50 years after his death.

The movie, according to THR, will be based on A.E. Hotchner's memoir Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir. Hotchner wrote the book in 1966, not long after Hemingway's suicide concluded their 14 years of friendship. ON a side note, Hotchner was also Paul Newman's partner in his line of salad dressings and snacks-- which means he's got a whole 'nuther memoir up his sleeve.

Hemingway is one of those historical figures whose legacy has never been settled-- some think he's a giant among men, some think he's a raging misogynist. Either way, he's fascinating, and hopefully a role some talented actor is dying to play. With the right cast, this is one to look forward to.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend