Exclusive Don Jon Blu-ray Clip Looks Behind The Scenes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s big directorial debut, Don Jon, came out on Blu-ray and DVD yesterday. If you’ve been wondering what it takes to take on numerous roles within the making of a movie, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has put together an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip giving us a glimpse at how Gordon-Levitt was able to balance his roles as an actor, director and writer on the Don Jon set.

The clip actually goes in-depth into rehearsals and the familiarity with the dialogue Gordon-Levitt wanted the cast to have. In order to highlight the fast-paced conversation, the director asked his cast and crew to take on several additional rehearsal days to get a feel for the conversation. That can be a double-edged sword. The dialogue needs to be great, but there’s always a worry that there might be a magical moment during rehearsal that can’t be recaptured once the cameras are rolling. It all seems to have worked out, however. Don Jon was met with critical acclaim and a great box office intake, considering its low budget. Sometimes wearing multiple hats on a set can be too much for a person, but this time it seems to have paid off.

Don Jon tells the story of a young man who only truly enjoys a few things in his life, including spending time with his friends, working out, and hooking up with beautiful women. Despite all of these sensory pleasures, he finds that he cares more about porn than anything else—to the detriment of his well-being and relationships. The movie is funny and witty, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to check it out, you can take a look at the set, or check out the trailer, below.

The exclusive clip is from a featurette called "Joe’s Hats," and it’s one of the many bonus features available with the release. If a story about porn, gratuity and the real nature of relationships seems right up your alley, here’s a look at all of the extra materials also available with the release.

Don Jon Blu-ray Exclusive Featurettes

  • "Making Of Don Jon"
  • "Don Jon’s Origin"
  • "Joe’s Hats"
  • "Objectified"
  • "Themes & Variations"

Don Jon Blu-ray & DVD Features

  • HitRECord Shorts
  • Theatrical Trailer and Previews

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