There are a lot of visual graphics added to most action flicks that hit theaters, but sometimes it is nice to sit back, relax and watch some hardcore action created by a slew of people who know how to use their bodies for visual effect. This week, Anchor Bay Films is releasing Force of Execution onto Blu-ray and DVD, and we’ve got an exclusive clip from the film that will give you a taste at what real action looks like.

In the clip, Jimmy Peanuts (Danny Trejo) is meeting up with a crew of unsavory individuals in a dark and dangerous alley. The gang wants to know what is in a box he’s holding, and while the situation seems dangerous, Peanuts does not want to give the item up. Things take a dire turn, but then a hooded stranger enters the picture, knocking out the bad guys with a few swift kicks. The bad guys go down quickly in this short clip, but if you have a minute or two, the "No Hands" clip is worth a watch.

The flick as a whole follows the story of a hitman named Roman (Bren Foster) who works within a large criminal empire. After a job goes wrong, Roman is practically banished from a city he once ruled. However, the story expands into an all-out war between a Mexican cartel and a cold-blooded gangster known as the Ice-man, leading to more action in the same vein as the above exlusive Blu-ray clip. Trejo and Foster aren’t the only big names in the movie; the flick also stars Steven Seagal and Ving Rhames.

Force of execution box

The December 17 Blu-ray and DVD release won’t come with a ton of bells or whistles as far as bonus features go, but it also won’t run too expensively, either. Force of Execution’s Blu-ray release has a list price of $29.99 and will come in a Blu-ray combo pack with a DVD copy. The DVD-only release lists for $24.98. If you are interested in nabbing the movie for even cheaper, you can pre-order the action flick over at Amazon.

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