Wrong Exclusive Motion Poster

What you see featured in the motion poster above, an exclusive here on Cinema Blend, is a shot from the very beginning from Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong. In the scene, a firefighter drops trou in the middle of the street and starts taking a number two while an unmarked white van burns to ashes in the background and his co-workers casually chill by their truck. Now what if I were to tell you that this was the least weird thing to happen in the entire movie?

You may recognize Dupieux’s name from his debut feature Rubber, which told the story of a telekinetic tire with a chip on its shoulder, but now the filmmaker is ready to unleash his latest film to the world. In addition to being currently available on VOD – including both Amazon and iTunes – the movie is now getting set for a limited release in theaters nationwide this weekend. To find the theater nearest you that will be playing the surrealist comedy, be sure to head over to the Drafthouse Films website where you will not only find a list of release locations and dates, but links to buy your ticket now.

In the movie, Jack Plotnick stars as Dolph Springer, a man who one day wakes up to discover that his dog has gone missing. His journey to find his missing friend takes all kinds of absurdist and strange turns, eventually leading him to Master Chang (William Fitchner), a pony-tailed guru who strictly believes in the idea that you don’t know how much you love something until it’s gone. You can watch the trailer forWrong below, and prepare for the weird.

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