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Warning: this clip has some brief nudity and is NSFW.

Here's something you never exactly expect to happen at the party of the year. Everything is going great, there are glow sticks and drugs and drinks flowing freely… and also clones? As you can see in the above clip from the new sci-fi thriller +1, some serious strange happenings cause this particular party to take a turn, after a meteor strikes and creates a clone of everyone in the vicinity. Every clone is about 30 seconds behind the original person in the timeline, which of course, only makes the whole thing more confusing. It's like Project X meets Primer, or whatever other sci-fi/party movie mashup you want to choose.

Starring Rhys Wakefield, who you might recognize from this summer's big surprise hit The Purge, plus Logan Miller and twins Colleen and Suzanne Dengel as that red-headed girl and her mysterious clone, +1 is open in select theaters and available on-demand starting today, thanks to IFC Midnight. Below you can see the film's official synopsis, and below that the poster and trailer. Get ready to bring some trippy sci-fi to your weekend party plans.

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