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Exclusive Red Dawn TV Spot: We Need To Fight Back

If your town were to be invaded tomorrow-- by aliens, by enemy armies, whatever-- would you have the courage to fight back? It's not a question many of us will face in our lives, but it's a fascinating thought experiment, forcing you to ask yourself not just about your own personal courage, but how committed you are to defending your city or even your country if called upon.

In Red Dawn, a new remake of the 1984 action film, a group of high school kids are left as the only line of defense when their town is invaded by a North Korean army-- and, like any good movie heroes, they fight back. You can see just what that battle entails in this brand-new TV spot, which we're premiering below:

You'll recognize a lot of faces in there, from Thor himself Chris Hemsworth-- who learned in The Avengers a thing or two about defending a city from an invasion-- to The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson to Josh Peck, who's appeared in The Wackness as well as the kid show stalwart Drake & Josh. Red Dawn is opening up against some heavy hitters in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, but how better to give thanks and remember the struggles of our Pilgrim forefathers than to watch a group of kids defend America on screen?

Red Dawn opens November 21, and you can click here to learn more about it.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend