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Exclusive Trailer Premiere: Maria Bello And Stephen Dorff In Carjacked

It's a terrifying thought that's crossed almost everyone's mind when driving a car-- what if someone jumped in? What if they held a gun to your head and forced you to drive? It happens a lot more often in the movies than in real life, at least, and it's coming up again in Carjacked, the upcoming thriller starring Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff. Hitting Blu-Ray and DVD on November 22, Carjacked stars Bello as a woman who stops at a gas station with her 5-year-old son in the car and is overtaken by Dorff's character, a bank robber on the run. Here's how the press notes describe what happens next:

He forces her to drive to meet up with his accomplice who still has money from the heist. Possibly facing not only her death, but her son’s, Lorraine’s fight for survival summons up an inner strength and courage that she never thought she had.

We've got your first look at the trailer for Carjacked, in which you can see Somewhere star Stephen Dorff in full-on badass mode, though of course Bello has a few surprises up her sleeve as well. Take a look at the trailer below.

With Bello currently starring on Prime Suspect and Dorff part of the cast of The Immortals coming out November 11, now's a good time to catch up on the two of them facing off against each other in the hugely confined space of a car. Check out Carjacked when it comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD November 22.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend