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Big Expendables 3 news dropped last week when it was revealed that Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes and Milla Jovovich were all in talks to join the ensemble cast, but one important question that remained was "when?" Today Lionsgate has answered the question.

Once again planting its flag during the middle weeks of August, The Expendables 3 has officially been dated for August 15, 2014, according to Box Office Mojo. Given that it's still more than a year away from release, it doesn't currently have any direct compeition, but there are a few titles already set for the weeks that precede it. Marvel Studios is getting their star-stacked Guardians of the Galaxy prepped for an August 1, 2014 release while Universal has dated their new version of Dracula, starring Luke Evans, for August 8th of next year. The movie is being directed by Red Hill's Patrick Hughes and will presumably be starting production fairly soon (it will need to if they want to finish on time).

But that's not the only release date news out there today - in fact, it's not even the only release date news about an action film starring Sylvetster Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Escape Plan, which was originally going to be released on September 13th, has been moved to October 18th. While the film was originally going up against Battle of the Year, Insidious Chapter 2 and Machete Kills - certainly a crowded field - it's actually a fairly lateral move. Now the prison film will go up against the remake of Carrie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon, and the fantasy adventure The Seventh Son. The film, directed by Micahel Hafstrom, centers on a super prison designer (Stallone) who ends up getting incarcerated in a jail he helped plan. Teaming up with another prisoner (Schwarzenegger), they begin to formulate a way out.

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