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Movie tickets are expensive. When we were kids we used to think of going to the movies as a cheap date, but nowadays you need to mortgage the house if you want to take your family to the movies. And people are going to great lengths to avoid paying full price for a ticket. (Watching Grease Live made me fondly remember sneaking friends into the drive-in in my trunk when I was in high school.) Two internet pranksters may have the best method, however, as they disguised themselves as a single person so they only had to pay for one admission to the movie theater.

You know in cartoons when a couple of kids pile onto each other’s shoulders and put on a trench coat to pretend to be a grown up? Well, this stunt from YouTube pranksters Bo Johnson and his BFF Matthew, is more or less the real life version of that strategy. Apparently, according to the notes on their video of the proceedings, this is the culmination of a lifelong dream for the two pals. See, you really can achieve whatever you put your mind to. This should be an inspiration to us all.

Admittedly, this does go down a bit differently than it usually does in cartoons. Instead of sitting one on top of the other, one of the friends wraps his legs around his cohort, grabs onto the front, and hangs on for dear life, pretending to be a belly. You’d think they could have jerry rigged some kind of adult Baby Bjorn or something for support, it seems like your limbs would get tired.

Then again, perhaps they implemented some sort of workout regimen in preparation. This obviously wasn’t a spur of the moment adventure. As you can see in the video below, they put a decent amount of preparation and rehearsal into this endeavor, doing a number of practice runs and perfecting their approach.

You don’t really get a good view of it in this video, but you have to wonder just how well they pulled this off. You don’t really see the ticket seller or ticket taker, and I can’t help but think if I was there and I saw two kids trying a stunt like this, I’d let them in on sheer principle (also, I’m like 90% sure this movie theater is five minutes from my house). Did someone notice his belly shifting around, resetting its grip, and giggling, or did they legitimately buy it as just a big dude going to see The Avengers? Either way, it’s pretty damn funny.