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Marvel fans have come to know and love the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last eight years, but FOX’s original Marvel universe – populated predominately by mutants – has become the talk of the town lately. The recent release of Deadpool has potentially changed the game when it comes to superhero movies. As a result, the studio seems eager to capitalize on audience enthusiasm. FOX has announced two new projects to their upcoming slate of movies, and they’re enough to get any comic book fan all hot and bothered.

A new report from ComicBook.com indicates that FOX has just added two new Marvel films to their upcoming slate of superhero adventures, along with release dates for each respective movie October 6, 2017 and January 12, 2018. Given the fairly imminent arrival of October 2017, many people have gone on to speculate that release date has been saved for the upcoming Gambit solo movie – headlined by none other than Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum. FOX had cancelled the film’s original release date, so this could show them returning to the property with a new game plane.

Given the timing of the announcement we can also likely assume that one of these films will turn out to be a sequel for Deadpool. The hard R-rated revenge flick has broken records at nearly every turn, and – on a shoestring budget – yielded a massive payday for just about everyone involved. To not capitalize on the widespread enthusiasm for Wade Wilson would be just plain stupid.

Keeping with the Deadpool theme, one of these projects might have no connection to the Gambit film at all. It seems very likely that Ryan Reynolds’ antihero will somehow play into the other film announced by FOX – even if it doesn’t turn out to be a Deadpool centric affair. With that in mind, the most scenarios would involve team up films in the form of New Mutants or X-Force.

Then again, FOX has had such success with taking massive left turns that they could have something planned that surprises all of us. The upcoming films could have more to do with the X-Men, or even – god forbid – another reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise.

We will bring you more on FOX’s ever-growing superhero community as information becomes available to us. The studio’s next foray into the Marvel universe will take place on May 27 when X-Men: Apocalypse blasts its way into theaters.