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The Fantastic Four Costumes Will Supposedly Look Like This

We have spent months (im)patiently waiting for 20th Century Fox to finally reveal the first look at the new rebooted version of The Fantastic Four, and while the film’s debut trailer is on its way, today we may have a sneak peek at what to expect costume-wise:

This video comes to us courtesy of the folks at Nerdist, who apparently got some inside information about the look of the new Fantastic Four costumes, and took the initiative to have an in-house artist create renderings of what we can expect. Rather than being final designs, they are described as "Act II" outfits made by Miles Teller’s Reed Richards, which suggests that they are basically prototypes for what will be the "Act III" threads (which are said to be more in line with the costumes from Marvel Comics). It’s hard to say how authentic the information is, but the designs are certainly interesting. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Mr. Fantastic

This is reportedly what Miles Teller will look like as Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four, and while the big emblem/device on his chest goes without mention in the video, there is a focus on the lines you’ll notice around his arms and legs. These are apparently springs that help Reed keep his elongating limbs in check and easy to retract, allowing him in turn to keep his superpowers hidden.

Human Torch

The host in the video admitted that their source only got a quick look at the costume design for Michal B. Jordan’s Human Torch, but there is extra emphasis placed on the fact that this suit has vents which allow him to "blow off some steam" (admittedly I’m not entirely sure what this means). Nerdist also adds that there is a plot element in the film that sees Human Torch get his own television show, which does seem to contradict the aforementioned idea of keeping the Fantastic Four’s powers hidden.

The Thing

Unlike Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell’s performance as The Thing in the new Fantastic Four was done entirely with motion capture, which basically means that what we see above is basically a drawing of the movie’s CGI rendering of Thing. He looks pretty much exactly how you would expect him to look – though he is described as being more "angular" than the design that was seen in the rumored on-set photo from this past summer. The new source adds that The Thing in the movie is "pretty much indestructible" – which pretty much keeps in line with the comics – but also adds that the government is interested in him as a result, as they desire to create perfect soldiers.

The Invisible Woman

As for Kate Mara’s Sue Storm, apparently Nerdist’s source didn’t get a sneak peek, so that that is provided is this humorous "rendering" of the heroine using her powers.

The first trailer for The Fantastic Four will be debuting in theaters along with the release of Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service on February 13th, but there’s a strong likelihood that the preview will drop online before then. If the characters look like they do in the images above, will you be happy?

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