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We’ve been (not-so) patiently waiting for months now to get our first look at the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, but now that exhausting period is finally coming to an end. News has come down that the debut trailer for the brand new superhero movie will be arriving in the first half of next month, attached to screenings of Kingsman: Secret Service.

Rather than just being further speculation, this is official word that has come down from none other than Simon Kinberg - The Fantastic Four’s screenwriter and producer. Following the news from earlier today that the production is heading into reshoots, the filmmaker sent an email to Latino-Review clarifying what was going on with the movie. It was in this clarification that he revealed that the film’s first teaser will be in theaters on February 13th.

As noted, this is certainly a highly anticipated trailer, as for the longest time it has felt like 20th Century Fox has been actively hiding The Fantastic Four from us. We first thought we would get a sneak peek of the movie at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, but that didn’t wind up happening. Then there were hopes that we could maybe see something at New York Comic-Con, or perhaps attached to one of 2014’s winter blockbusters – but still nothing popped up. It makes sense that the trailer will be attached to Kingsman: Secret Service, as that production also comes from Fox, but one still has to wonder why nothing was ready for Fox’s release of Exodus: Gods and Kings last month.

Moving beyond the trailer release date, Simon Kinberg used his message to calm fans who are still under the impression that reshoots translate to disaster (the truth is that almost all modern blockbusters go through them). He confirmed that The Fantastic Four will only be doing three-to-four addition days of shooting down in Louisiana, and that director Josh Trank is overseeing the whole thing. We have no idea what they will be working on, but apparently it will involve "key cast members."

Now that we have seen trailers for both The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, it’s nice to know that it won’t be much longer until we have our first peek at the third comic book movie of 2015. My hopes remain high, especially because of the film’s stellar cast, which includes Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman), Michael B. Jordan (The Human Torch), Jamie Bell (The Thing), and Toby Kebbell (Dr. Doom). Be sure to check back with us the week leading up to February 13th for when the trailer debuts online, and you’ll be able to find The Fantastic Four in theaters on August 7th.

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