Fast And Furious 8 Adds This Game Of Thrones Star

With Fast 8 racing through the production highway into its April 2017 release date, the cast of would-be villains that have the stones to take on Dominic Toretto and his family is going to start rapidly forming up. Despite no knowledge as to whether Charlize Theron or Jason Statham will be the film's lead villain, their lead henchman has already been cast. Get ready for Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju to go from Wildling to wild man.

The Wrap confirmed the scoop, stating that Hivju was tapped to play the muscle to the evil crew that will be wrecking havoc on the world of Fast 8. With the F. Gary Gray directed film already underway in Iceland, the Norwegian actor couldn't have picked a better time to jump on board, as Kristofer Hivju wouldn't be making a huge jump in climate. Considering he's better known as Jon Snow's friend and Wildling extraordinaire, Tormund Giantsbane, he'll be pretty used to doing battle in the cold, and may very well be doing so on the film's Icelandic set at this moment.


One could assume that in addition to being attracted to the possibility of tangling with Vin Diesel and or Dwayne Johnson in Fast 8, Kristofer Hivju may have also taken the role as a way of getting out of the cold climate he's used to working in. With the blockbuster sequel setting its sights on being the first American film to shoot in Cuba, Hivju could be spending some of his working vacation in tropical weather. Just the sort of change of scenery a man could use after fighting off hordes of White Walkers.

The casting of Kristofer Hivju has us hoping that Fast 8 will soon have a main villain to call its own, as the film is going to need someone for our heroic lot of thieves and vehicular enthusiasts to tussle with around the world. In addition to his role on Game Of Thrones, Hivju has had some previous experience in major motion pictures. Films such as The Thing, After Earth, and Force Majeure all gave Kristofer Hivju enough experience to deal with whatever Fast 8 can throw his way. With two A-list possibilities as to who he'll be serving as a lead henchman to in the next Fast and Furious movie, either outcome will see Hivju in one of the most successful franchises at the box office to date. Not to mention, all of his enemies in the Seven Kingdoms will probably think twice before tangling with him again, once he's faced off against Diesel and/or Johnson. 

Fast 8 is currently shooting, with a release date of April 14, 2017 waiting at the finish line.

Mike Reyes
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