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Faster Clips: God Can't Save You From The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a talent for comedy. That’s undeniable, even if he hasn’t managed to channel it into anything that’s actually funny outside of Mr. Peepers cameos and a couple of “The Rock Obama” sketches yet. Shame on you if you laughed at anything in The Tooth Fairy. But there’s absolutely nothing funny about Faster, his first real action movie in far too long. The film stars The Rock as a man out for revenge, he’s on the road and killing everyone in his path. There won’t be any laughs and, since comedy hasn’t really worked out for him, that’s for the best.

Below we have three new clips from Faster. You’ll see intimidation, gunplay, and godliness when you click play. Watch:

That first clip really works, and I love the idea of intimidating people with your tattoos. That last one works really well too, with The Rock’s character conflicted over killing someone who’s truly repentant. As long as they resist the temptation to have the guy pull a gun out of his Bible just when Johnson decides not to kill him, I’m on board. That middle clip though, that’s the only action scene in the bunch and it’s sort of questionable. Why does the entire hallway blow up just because someone fired a couple of gun shots? Because the director wanted cool lighting, of course.

Less of a mixed bag is this Faster featurette in which the cast and crew talk about what inspired their revenge flick. I love the tone they’re going for and, as long as that hallway sequence is more of an aberration than the norm, maybe there’s a good action movie in there somewhere. Go behind the scenes of Faster by clicking play below.

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