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The Fault In Our Stars B-Roll Videos Offer A Peek At Key Book Moments

Josh Boone's feature adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars arrives in theaters exactly one month from tomorrow. Fans of John Green's book are likely eager to see how Hazel and Gus are brought to life for what's sure to be an emotional telling of Green's wonderful story. Fox has released some B-roll, which gives us a look behind the scenes of the movie. While there probably isn't anything majorly spoilery for those who haven't read the books, a warning seems necessary none-the-less. The footage gives us some glimpses of the production for some key book moments, some of which have been teased in the trailers, but you'll see a bit more of what was filmed here. So if you're trying not to see too much of the movie before you actually see the movie when it hits theaters June 6, now's your chance to walk away. But if you're not above gobbling up every glimpse that you can get ahead of the release, dive in!

As for book spoilers, I'll go out of my way to avoid them in the text here, beyond explaining the general premise and vaguely referencing some of the scenes we're seeing in these videos.

The footage in the video above shows Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort filming the scene where Hazel literally bumps into Gus on her way to the support group meeting for kids with cancer. The story focuses on Hazel and Gus' friendship and budding romance. Both have faced their own battles with cancer, which gives them a unique perspective on adolescence and their own mortality.

Also featured is Nat Wolff's Isaac, a mutual friend whose own cancer problems are causing him to lose his sight. His scenes glimpsed in the above video include trophy trashing and egg tossing.

The video below features a lot of the Amsterdam footage. Hazel and Gus take a trip overseas, accompanied by Hazel's mother, played by Laura Dern. And at one point, Hazel and Gus visit the Anne Frank house. We get to see some of their arrival being shot...

There's more Amsterdam footage in this video, some of which features Willem Dafoe, who plays Peter Van Houten. We also get a look at the shooting of Hazel and Gus' scene on the bench, which is a key moment in the story. And the second half of the video shows more than a few glimpses of John Green on set.

Finally, you may have seen this one circulating already. It's the footage of Shailene Woodley cutting off her long hair for the role.

As we reported last summer, not only did Woodley go all-out for this part in chopping off her hair, she also donated the locks to charity.

The Fault In Our Stars arrives June 6. Watch the extended trailer here.

Kelly West
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