New Fictionalized Jim Morrison Biopic In The Works

To say the least, Jim Morrison was an interesting person. His lyrics, as nonsensical as they could be at times, reached out to a legion of fans and his on-stage behavior became that of rock and roll legend. The lead singer of The Doors has already been the subject of both a 1991 film, The Doors, and most recently a documentary, When You're Strange, which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival. But just like any major personality, it's hard to keep him contained.

THR is reporting that writer-director Robert Saitzyk has finished a script based on the final days of Morrison's life, and will direct it for Zero Gravity Management. Titled The Last Beat, the film is being described as a fictional account, much like Gus Van Sant's Last Days was about Kurt Cobain. Lesser known actor Shawn Andrews, who has worked with the director previously, will play the Morrison-type character, and the film is scheduled to begin filming in Paris this October.

Just looking at the names it should be fairly obvious that this isn't going to be a major film, but still one that fans of The Doors should keep an eye out for. Oliver Stone's 1991 film has long been criticized for historical inaccuracies that enraged fans of the rock group, but considering this film says up-front that it is a fictionalized account, it may be better received. Now if only they could get Johnny Depp somehow involved, they could probably have a real winner on their hands.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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