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First Clip From Jason Reitman's Up In The Air

Over the weekend the first audience in the world got a look at Jason Reitman's new film, as the Juno director screened his new film Up in the Air at the Telluride Film Festival. Reactions on the web ranged from Kris Tapley's ecstatic review to some pleased video reactions from Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta, First Showing's Alex Billington and AICN's Eric Vespe, a.k.a. Quint.

And while it will be a while before we're able to give you our own take on the hype-- we won't be at Toronto, where the film makes its official premiere-- everyone can finally get a look at footage from the film, in a new clip made available at (opens in new tab). There isn't even a trailer for the movie yet, but the scene between George Clooney and Vera Farmiga as they compare their frequent flyer options gives a good sense of the witty repartee that the movie reportedly holds, as well as a hint at the loneliness that overtakes Clooney's character as a result of spending his life flying for a corporation, constantly, well, up in the air.

You can check out the clip below as well. Up in the Air comes out this fall, and if it's not one of your most anticipated movies of the next few months. read Kris Tapley's review and get back to me.

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