First Look At Aftershock, The Chilean Earthquake Flick Starring Eli Roth

Eli Roth has carved a pretty cool career out for himself. After directing Cabin Fever he was touted as the new hit horror director, but he's also done some work as an actor, most memorably gunning down Hitler as the Bear Jew in Inglourious Basterds. These days he's putting his directing aside to shepherd and star in smaller projects like the upcoming Aftershock from Chilean director Nicolás López. Here's the first look at Roth and the other stars dealing with absolute mayhem in the aftermath of a large earthquake.

SlashFilm shared these exclusive photos (head over there to see the remaining three shots) from the upcoming natural disaster flick with a twist. You see, in Nicolás López's Aftermath, co-written by Guillermo Amoedo, the earthquake is only the tip of the trouble since one of the buildings irreparably damaged in the event just happens to be an insane asylum. Therefore, our heroes (a collection of international stars that includes Roth, Selena Gomez, Ariel Levy, Andrea Osvart, Nioacls Maiertnz, Natasha Yarovenko and Lorenza Izzo) are not only faced with the natural obstacles and devastation but also some criminally insane prisoners on the loose.

The photos do an excellent job of conveying the mayhem and by the looks of it, the film definitely won't be shying away from the blood. Most of the shots center around Roth, who looks right at home in the leading man role. In fact, many might see the young actor, writer and director as merely milking the Quentin Tarantino protege train, and yet, Roth shouldn't be seen as merely an artist under QT's wing or in his shadow. Instead, he seems to be 'paying it forward' by finding and helping other undiscovered talents make more mainstream films, with Aftershock serving as the perfect example. While I may not be big on Eli Roth the director (although there are part of Cabin Fever I admire and I love Thanksgiving to death), I am definitely a fan of Roth, the actor, the producer and the person and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him in this role.

Aftershock opens in 2013.