The remake of the 80s Soviet-fighting fantasy Red Dawn went into production so long ago, most people had never heard of The Hunger Games, and few people truly believed that Marvel would pull off their daring movie featuring all of the Avengers. But after years and years of delays and a wholesale change in the movie's villains, Red Dawn is finally coming to theaters-- and will benefit hugely from the mania for both The Hunger Games and The Avengers that has started up since it stopped filming.

Because, of course, Red Dawn includes in its cast Josh Hutcherson (a.k.a. Peeta) and Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a. Thor), neither of whom were nearly as famous when they made the film as they are now. And now, with Red Dawn headed for its November 21 release this year, we've finally gotten a look at these stars and the rest of the cast in action, in a trailer preview hosted by the always-dreadful Entertainment Tonight. Try to peer through the incessant voiceover and take a look below.

I still haven't quite gotten over the fact that when they shot this film, the enemy was Chinese, and they changed it to North Korea in post entirely by changing banners and flags-- the epitome of the racist attitudes that "all Asians look the same." It's also kind of mind-boggling they made the Chinese villains to begin with, given the huge role China plays in overseas box office grosses. But the fact that they remade Red Dawn at all-- a Cold War movie if there ever was one-- is kind of crazy too, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

I'm not expecting a whole lot from Red Dawn, if only because the delay gives it that pall of "unwanted," but people said the same thing about another long-delayed Chris Hemsworth movie that turned out to be the fantastic Cabin in the Woods. So keep an open mind! But also wait for a proper trailer without the Entertainment Tonight yammering, which should hopefully be online soon.

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