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Dr. Seuss movies have been hit or miss in recent years. The Jim Carrey starrer How The Grinch Stole Christmas made some good money while garnering mostly positive responses, Cat In The Hat failed miserably, and then Horton Hears A Who, again starring Jim Carrey, returned to form garnering rave reviews and bringing in the cash.

Over a year ago it was announced that Universal would be taking a stab at another Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax, who does his best to defend his forest of Truffula trees from the greedy Once-ler. USA Today has gotten their hands on the first shot of the 3D animated lead and everything down to the last hair on The Lorax’ wicked mustache looks on point. There’s no real reason to question whether or not an animated movie will look good these days, as studios have pretty much nailed the process down, but there’s always the question of whether or not they can accurately portray a classic character in a new medium, and it seems like Universal has done it.

Danny DeVito will voice the outspoken Truffula defender and producer Chris Meledandri had this to say about his performance:
"Danny has this wonderful ability to be acerbic and grouchy but at the same time absolutely lovable. It's almost like Walter Matthau had. His comedic edge was very sharp, but he always maintained that warmth."

Alongside DeVito is an all-star cast consisting of Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Zac Efron, and Betty White, who this time around will probably not be able to lean on her current gamut of saying things inappropriate for an old lady to say. Putting a cast like this behind a Seuss movie has worked before, so hopefully applying the same strategy this time around will warrant the same result.

We won’t be seeing The Lorax in theaters until 2012, but if this picture is any indicator we’re probably going to see a lot more preview material come our way before its release. Check out the first look image below.

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