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When the first poster for the Pete Travis-directed Dredd arrived online earlier this month, I noted that the it likely meant the release of the first trailer was imminent. While at the time I was thinking that it would be something like two or three days, we now know for a fact that the official preview for the comic book film will be online tomorrow. But for those of you who can't wait to see Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner's character back on the big screen again, Machinima has provided a little taste.

A 10-second preview of tomorrow's trailer has arrived online and while its not easy to make out everything that is happening in the footage without hitting the pause rapidly, its immediately clear that there is going to be more-than-enough action in this flick. Check out the trailer teaser below and head back here to Cinema Blend tomorrow for the full trailer premiere.

Set in a dystopian future, the movie stars Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, a member of an elite police force that has been put in charge of societies laws and have the right to play judge, jury and executioner. The story begins as Dredd is teamed up with a new recruit named Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) and the two work together to stop the spread and find the source of a deadly new drug called SLO-MO. Lena Heady stars as the film's central villain, Madeline 'Ma-Ma' Madrigal. Alex Garland, of 28 Days Later fame, wrote the script and the film will be out on September 21st. For more about Dredd head over to our Blend Film Database.

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