Flash Gordon Movie Is Confirmed For Blast Off

Sometimes the Internet breaks a rumor that sits on the fence of truth and lies. The less tested a source is, the more skeptical people get, and sooner or later the truth makes itself known. Last week, we reported one such scoop detailing that that a reboot to the Flash Gordon series was in the works. You can put one on the scoreboard for that untested source, as it has been confirmed that 20th Century Fox is looking to succeed where Universal Studios and the SyFy Channel haven’t: Flash Gordon is back, and he just might save every one of us.

The Hollywood Reporter grabbed the official scoop, naming John Davis as the producer and the writing team of J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay as the project’s authors. Payne and McKay are also currently working on the script for Star Trek 3, so already they’re building themselves up as the possible successors to the Kurtzman/Orci throne. As stated before, the last two high profile adaptations of the 1930’s comic book were the 1980 cult classic and the 2007 television series, both of which failed to attract enough of a market to sustain their continued existence. If anything, the 1980 version has the edge, as its secured enough of a reputation to be used as an extended gag in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.

In a week where we’ve learned that a candy brand is going to be turned into a big screen feature, it’s almost a soothing balm to hear that another comic book franchise has been picked up for rebooting. There's no word on any sort of timetable for the project, but seriously… how did this one get past MacFarlane and Universal? He seems like a natural for this sort of thing, and they’re already in business together. Surely this has come up in a conversation or seven between both parties. Still, it’s Fox who’s won the day, and we wish the best of luck to the studio and whoever they do decide to hire.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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