Frank Miller has spilled the beans on one of the most anticipated films of sigh.... (damn you Angelina Jolie) NEXT year. It's been long known that the centerpiece of the film would be Miller's epic "A Dame To Kill For". According to MTV Miller has confirmed this and the fact that the likes of Mickey Rourke and Michael Clarke Duncan are back on board.

Meanwhile the film is still delayed because of demoness Angelina Jolie's instinctive desire to unleash her spawn upon an unsuspecting world. This evil act will be sure to make Beyond Borders look look a blessing. Despite this Miller says tests will begin in June.

The other tasty tidbits that Miller gave out involve the other stories to be included in the film. Minor Spoilers Below! Leave only if you're a fanatic about such things.

Miller hinted that one of the stories would be the assassin origin tale Blue Eyes which involves Josh Harnett's suave killer from the first film taking on an apprentice. The other more exciting news is that Miller is apparently writing an original story for the film. The story will involve Nancy's life when the fallout from the killing of the Yellow Bastard hits. Look for blood.

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