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Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler Seems Uninterested In Potential Movie

Every once in a while, one of the former cast members or writers of NBC's Friday Night Lights is asked about the status of the potential FNL movie, to which they might respond with something vague about it possibly happening if the cast and writers availability can be sorted out and noncommittally positive about their interest in appearing in the follow-up film. And those of us with clear eyes and full hearts hope that maybe this vague but optimistic attitude means there's a chance that we'll see the story - which began with a book, then adapted to a movie and then followed up with NBC's football drama - will make its way back to the big screen. Kyle Chandler's comments in a recent interview don't sound especially optimistic, which may not be a good sign.

In the interview with MTV, Chandler was asked about the possible Friday Night Lights movie. He doesn't come out and say that the film isn't happening, but his comments don't sound especially encouraging.

"It was a great movie with Billy Bob. And it was a great TV show. I've never had more fun doing anything. Every day on that set, I think I speak for all of us that went to that set, it was like the first day of rehearsing a play, which is the most enjoyable day, I think. And we just had so much fun. It was a great show. I really enjoy it. I still like watching the show again. Because it was so creative - the process. But they ended it at just the right time and exactly the right way, as well."

So, he doesn't come out and say there's no movie, but the way he speaks about it doesn't seem especially optimistic about its chances anytime soon. Chandler hasn't seen a script and doesn't seem to have any information he can share about the status of the potential movie. And then he goes on to talk about the way the series ended, making it sound like maybe the story is better left with the end of the series.

I wouldn't argue with him there. Not only did FNL have a good run, but it ended well, which is more than can be said about a lot of other dramas. If I had to make a list of series that need a follow up after an unsatisfying ending, FNL wouldn't be on it. With that said, for fans, it's probably less about wanting a better ending as it is just wanting more Taylor family drama and Dillon Panther/Lion football.

With the cast's involvement in other projects, including Connie Britton's starring role in ABC's Nashville, cast availability could be the thing that prevents this movie from ever getting off the ground. Once the cast of a TV show scatters and moves on to other projects, it can't be easy to get them all back together again for any length of time. Then again, Arrested Development's cast did it for the upcoming Netflix-set Season 4, so who knows?