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The first full length trailer for Sex and the City: The Movie has popped up online, and if this thing is any gauge it seeks to undermine everything the television series is all about. Correct me if I’m wrong here, I’m not exactly a fan and I’ve only seen a few episodes. But wasn’t it supposed to be about female empowerment, about how women could be women but still be independent and strong, career minded and live their own lives without a man to protect them? No? Because this trailer is all about four women getting married as fast as they can, with as big a wedding as they can, and popping out kids as fast as they can, career, independence and whatever the fuck else be damned.

Maybe the show was always like that, like I said, it’s not like I watched it religiously. But there’s a moment in this trailer that really sums the whole damn thing up. Carrie asks her new assistant, played by Jennifer Hudson, why she moved to New York City. Her response? Not to better herself, or build a life, or see the world… no she moved to New York to find love. Because she’s a woman, and she needs a man to validate her. What the hell happened to the women’s movement in this country?

Watch the trailer below. I’ll have a better format for you as soon as it’s available: