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After a series of clips and a short teaser dropped over the past few months, the very first full trailer for the fantastical adventure escapade, Tomorrowland has hit. Watch it now!
The ambitious live-action Disney dimension-dividing drama directed by Brad Bird stars Britt Robertson as a young girl who is clearly hearing the call of other-worldly adventure, but seemingly headed down a bad path, until a mysterious pin somehow comes into her life. Only an eccentric (but oddly handsome) oddball played by George Clooney knows the truth behind this talisman of a tchotchke. However, as evidenced by the pin’s ability to instantly transport her to an apparent new world with a magnificently magical metropolis, it’s clear that this isn’t your ordinary bit of flair.

"Every second that ticks by, the future is running out." Those opening words from Clooney’s character, Frank Walker, seems to set a tone of urgency towards what seems to be the unifying theme of the film that looks to use "the future" and its technology to shape a new world where imagination will flourish. Certainly, it is already apparent that the film uses mood and lighting to emphasize the contrast between the draining humdrum of the real world and that of the fantastical "secret place where nothing is impossible." Yet, there is a clear connection, perhaps a symbiosis, that exists between the two worlds that makes the mysterious realm seem like an ideal towards which to strive.

Clooney’s Frank Walker, an apparently odd recluse and loner (who women will still find attractive) seems to possess all the answers that the troubled young Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) has been looking to find after having discovered this transportational trinket. Yet, Walker seems to fall into the Wizard of Oz type paradigm as he becomes the facilitator or gatekeeper towards something that will significantly improve the life of this jaded young woman named whose innate scientific and exploratory curiosities have apparently hit the wall of limitations in her life. However, this "wizard" is using a transportation device that’s a little more progressive or efficient than ruby red slippers.

Tomorrowland would also debut a new poster, highlighting Clooney’s Frank Walker and a child standing in a golden field of grain with a majestic view of the mysterious mega-city with its sky-piercing spires. Clearly, this is the kind of film designed to tap into the young child that still resides within all of us. The overarching theme seems to imply that the "real" world in which we live is fraught with spirit-sucking limitations that turn people into jaded automatons who unthinkingly carry out the perfunctory tasks of trudging through life. Yet, the bright, happy, aesthetically-illuminating world that Walker presents, despite being an elaborate urban environment, is not bound by those dehumanizing elements typical of cities.

Tomorrowland looks to rescue us from our boring mundane lives of traffic jams, taxes and reality shows when it whisks its way to theaters in a flash on May 22. 

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