Furry Vengeance Trailer: Brendan Fraser Rips Off Over The Hedge

Here’s a treat for anyone who saw and liked the rather enjoyable animated movie Over the Hedge. It’s the trailer for the new Brendan Fraser comedy Furry Vengeance, in which they rip off every single scene from the 2006 animated movie, except redone in live action. Just imagine Over the Hedge if the animals couldn’t talk and it was told from the human perspective.

Watch the trailer and prepare to vomit:

Now you might think this is intentional and that perhaps DreamWorks simply decided to remake the movie as a live action film. As far as I can tell, you would be wrong. Furry Vengeance is a Summit Entertainment film, and has nothing to do with DreamWorks or Paramount or any of the companies involved with Over the Hedge. Someone needs to put together a lawsuit. Never have I seen anything so blatant. It’s not only the premise that’s been stolen, the trailer contains specific scenes taken right from DreamWorks movie. And that’s just the trailer. Imagine what’s hidden in the rest of the film. I mean, the lead animal is even a raccoon. They couldn’t have used an armadillo or something?

And just by way of reminder, here’s the trailer for Over the Hedge. I’m not sure it quite conveys how similar these two movies seem to be, but you’ll at least get a feel for the premise if you haven’t seen it.

Josh Tyler