The latest movie incarnation of Superman won't be touching down in theaters until next summer, but Warner Bros. has been taking advantage of the hyped up atmosphere brought on by December's typically showy titles to begin laying groundwork on Man of Steel's promotion. Aside from the glimpses of the film's iconic hero in stills and posters, next week those who seek out The Hobbit in IMAX will get a special extended look at Man of Steel. But with a budget estimates to be around the $225 million mark, this Superman movie demands a worldwide audience. So, the film's star Henry Cavill is donning the red and blue suit overseas.

Superhero Hype took notice of Cavill giving his best steely gaze on the cover of French magazine Studio Ciné Live. While previous images have offered a look at some of the suits detail, this is the most direct close-up of it we've gotten so far.

The caption across his right arm translates roughly to: "Man of Steel: Snyder & Nolan resurrect Superman." A producer on the film, Christopher Nolan is also credited with contributing to the story of the Man of Steel screenplay penned by David S. Goyer. And while the success or failure of this film will likely go to Man of Steel's director, Zack Snyder (300, Sucker Punch), it's clear Nolan has a huge following in France. For one, his work on the film is being touted alongside Snyder's, and secondly, The Dark Knight Rises gets its own bit of cover space over Cavill's left shoulder. But back to the suit!

I can see where giving the classic design an element of texture makes it seem tougher. But personally, here it reads like some sort of special thermal suit you'd buy at North Face or something. And the pale blue detail on the forearms—which I'd never noticed in previous pictures—looks pretty ridiculous. Lastly, I know that the jet-black hair swept to the side is Superman's look, but it does not suit Cavill, and here looks like a poorly fitted wig. Am I alone on this?

Man of Steel opens June 14th, 2013. For more on the movie, check out our Blend Film Database.

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