Whether you like it or not, the new Ghostbusters reboot is officially up and running! Shooting has started in Boston, and we've already gotten three good sources that come together to give us a really good look at just what's being filmed. Brace yourselves folks, because what we're seeing and hearing look a bit familiar to the Ghostbusters fans in the office, and we have a feeling you're going to recognize the scene being filmed below as well!

That first clip comes courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, who premiered the first look on this evening's broadcast, and already the clues are beginning to show a picture of what to expect from the Ghostbusters reboot. In this first look, we see Kristen Wiig in what looks like a bit of a dated costume - which is either a personality quirk of her character, or indicative of a flashback scene that takes Wiig's character back to the 80's. We're inclined to believe the latter, as further photographic evidence captured on set sheds some further light on what, and who, are on set.

In addition to the video, two eager fans on Instagram have captured further evidence of the Ghostbusters shoot, including our first look at Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon in their respective costumes (though the view is a bit obscured). Check that out next...

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