Ghostbusters Get Action Figures, Leslie Jones' Reaction Is Funny And Filthy

There are numerous signs you’ve "made it" in your chosen profession. If you’re a white collar businessman with your name on the building, you’re there. If you do stand-up and you’re offered a sitcom, you’re good at what you do. If you’re in a major science fiction blockbuster movie, you need an action figure. The new Ghostbusters have all officially made it, as the first set of figures based on the new film have been revealed. One of the actresses that inspired the figures is very excited by this. Possibly too excited.

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It’s hard to feel bad for having our minds in the gutter, when Leslie Jones assumes that we’re going there. Even if we weren’t thinking anything dirty when we read the beginning of her tweet, we certainly went that way after she accused us of doing that anyway. Besides, playing with your own action figure is totally acceptable. If you had your own action figure, you know you’d be setting up little scenes for it, regardless of how old you are.

The figures show all four of the brand new Ghostbusters for the upcoming summer movie. In addition to Jones, we have Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon in all of their Ghostbusters glory. Based on what we have seen of the real-life versions of the characters, the figures are all pretty good likenesses.

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The recent history of female characters as toys has been spotty at best, with issues arising in recent months regarding the underrepresentation of Black Widow amongst Marvel figures and even the exclusion of Rey from some recent Star Wars toys. Hasbro has announced that Rey will be added to the newest edition of Star Wars Monopoly later this year after an outcry from fans.

In the case of the new Ghostbusters, not making female action figures wasn’t really an option. The only two choices here were either to make the figures, or to chose not to do so. The figures are produced by Mattel. Is there going to be a Chris Hemsworth figure, too?

This is actually an even bigger deal in the history of figures as even the original Ghostbusters didn’t get their own figures alongside the movie. The first Ghostbusters figures sold were associated with the Real Ghostbusters cartoon show, where the figures barely resembled their movie counterparts.

Will you be looking forward to picking these up to add to your collection?

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