Gina Gershon's Sex Tape

Steve Buscemi’s next movie is Delirious, which gets a limited release next week. In it, he plays a member of the paparazzi who falls for a celebrity played by Alison Lohman. A clip from the film has popped up online, and while there’s no sign of either Buscemi or Lohman it has something much better: Gina Gershon being tricked into making a sex tape.

From the clip, it looks like Delirious is borrowing Christopher Guest’s style to make fun of celebrity, and all that implies. Somehow, Gnia Gershon gets involved and shows up in a hotel room to read for a part, only to discover that the director is actually planning to shoot a sex tape with her and leak it to the press. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that, there’s not exactly any shortage of Gina Gershon sexy and nudity. She was after all, in Showgirls. But the clip is raunchy and funny. If this is any indication of what Delirious is all about I’ll be there buying a ticket.

Click play on the embed below to watch Gershon’s sex tape clip:

Josh Tyler