Girls Ruin Movie Screening, Their Mother Deals With It In Perfect Way

The movie theater experience often leaves you at the mercy of other people’s abilities (or lack thereof) to observe the most basic public decorum. Whether it’s your garden variety Chatty Cathy, or hooting and hollering idiots, there’s no shortage of rudeness to be found. However, it gets especially awkward when the source is children. Now, in a move that could be considered revolutionary, a mother is actually attempting to take responsibility for the rudeness of her kids at the movies.


This is a long shot, but I'm looking for a woman that was at Tannehill Premier tonight seeing Cinderella at 7pm. I...Posted by Kyesha Smith Wood on Friday, March 27, 2015

Yes, it seems that a mother named Kyesha Smith Wood is making a long-shot attempt to make amends to an unnamed woman for the uncivil behavior of her girls at an Alabama movie theater. While the new remake of Cinderella may not seem like the kind of film to attract the type of riffraff who generally ruin the moviegoing experience with disruptive cries for attention, it certainly seems to be the case in this instance. The two young girls in question are the teenage daughter and stepdaughter of the remorseful mother. While the story of the two girls’ rudeness was not documented in detail, one can imagine that it probably came in the form of loud chatter about things that not one soul attempting to enjoy the movie could possibly give two craps about. Why the ushers didn’t get involved remains a mystery.

However, as the story recounts, the unnamed female patron who attempted to call the girls out on their disruptiveness was apparently met with disrespect. Yet she actually had a compelling reason why she insisted that this moviegoing experience be peaceful. (Not that she needed one.) This particular trip to the movies was to be the last for the woman and her family for a while, seeing as her husband had been recently laid off, and we all know how expensive a night out at the movies has become these days. Thus, it was an especially intolerable situation caused by rude children.

Now, in a move that reaffirms some faith in humanity, Kyesha Smith Wood is looking to make things right, reaching out to the unknown patron whose rare night out with her family was ruined by her girls’ insufferable sense of entitlement. With promises of a handwritten apology letter, an offer to pay for her family’s next moviegoing experience, and a promise to punish the girls, Wood is definitely teaching a much-needed lesson to parents everywhere on how to get over yourself and take responsibility. Thankfully, the two did end up connecting, according to KIRO TV, and a "happy conclusion" was supposedly reached.


For all who are wondering, the mother with great parenting skills did find the person she was looking for. They have...Posted by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, March 29, 2015

However, even if that had never occurred, this is very much a case where the thought most definitely counts.