For those of us who grew up in a time where practical effects out-numbered CGI in movies, there's something romantic about handmade film elements that feel tangible onscreen. So it's little wonder that so many are already swooning over Laika Entertainment's biggest endeavor to date, ParaNorman. Like their previous efforts (Coraline and Corpse Bride), ParaNorman has a dark tale told with beautifully rendered stop-motion animation. It's an attribute that sets it apart from the glossy CGI fare of Pixar and DreamWorks, and so is being used to sell the pic through a series of lively behind-the-scenes promos.

In the first, Laika revealed the inner workings of its central character by creating a spirited stop-animation that takes viewers through Norman's construction, from sketch, to wire frame figure to casting, cutting and clothing. Now, via Yahoo the animation studio is giving fans and animation enthusiasts an unprecedented look at the myriad of other handmade details that go into constructing the world of ParaNorman. Check it out below:

"ParaNorman is the most ambitious stop-animation film ever made," explains producer and lead animator Travis Knight as he, production designer Nelson Lowry and director Sam Fell speak of the scale of the world and the meticulous prop crafting that went into every frame of this adventure. It's incredible to imagine the amount of man-hours and dedication it takes to animate a single scene of this ambitious horror-comedy, let alone an entire movie complete with numerous action set pieces and a sizeable cast of characters living and undead.

ParaNorman opens August 17th, but to discover more about the film, consult our Blend Film Database.

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