God Help Us: Friedberg & Seltzer Will Parody Avatar In The Biggest Movie Ever 3D

It's been nearly a year since the latest spoof effort from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, Vampires Suck, made just $36 million domestically, giving us all the vain hope that maybe they were done blighting our cinematic landscape for good. But you can probably already guess that's not what's happening. Icon Entertainment sent a press release to Coming Soon announcing that they're backing The Biggest Movie of All Time, the latest Friedberg & Seltzer effort that will be taking aim at one of the biggest, easiest, and now most dated targets imaginable: Avatar. If you thought they were behind the curve when they took aim at Twilight two years after the first film comes out, just wait until their movie hits theaters next year making all the Na'vi jokes we were sick of in January 2010.

The press release came complete with a poster, which you can see below, and a paragraph that's basically a "mission statement," promising all the ridiculous things about Avatar that Friedberg & Seltzer will oh-so-brilliantly skewer. Like, did you know that the movie's environmental message is a little overly simple? Or hey, aren't those giant blue people craaaaaazy? I feel exhausted just thinking about it, so check out the rest of the paragraph below, and start making your plans to avoid this movie when it pops up in theaters next year.

With a domestic box office of nearly 700 million dollars and an overseas haul of over 2 billion, it was only a matter time before this behemoth got a good ribbing. And what could possibly be riper for satire? You got half naked blue people plugging their hair into strange flying horses so they can read their thoughts! And nothing in this mega blockbuster is off limits, from its overly simplified message of "big corporations = bad; tree hugging environmentalist = good," to the broadly drawn characters like the buffed out Colonel who's in a perpetual 'roid rage to the very colorful, glowing and... come on, totally stony world of Pandora. And just like "Avatar" our movie will be in eye popping 3-D – making it the very first spoof movie ever in this format. It's a perfect showcase for our outrageous sight gags, physical comedy and audacious stunts that will make for a hilarious film and uproarious audience experience.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend