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One thing missing from the amazing Godzilla trailer that hit the ‘net a while back was "perspective." And by that, I mean, it was hard to get a sense of just how massive the new Godzilla would be. I mean, we did see military members paratrooping down ON to Godzilla. But the trailer lacked an establishing shot, one that gave us a clear image of Godzilla.

Obviously, the above poster corrects this issue.

Yahoo Movies has the new one-sheet, which has the King of Monsters with his (her?) back to us as the creature lords over a doomed city. Which doomed city? Well, that’s the Transamerica Pyramid, suggesting San Francisco is in serious trouble this summer. And as Yahoo notes, that building "stands at 48 floors," so the new Godzilla is massive.

Activate the Jaeger program!

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the initial Godzilla trailer, for the mood it set, I think we’re just about due for a new clip with more shots of the monster in the title. Maybe the existence of this new poster suggests the full trailer is on its way? Until then, here’s the original teaser:

This updated Godzilla is not your style? Our sister site, Giant Freakin Robot, reports that the original 1954 film – the one that started it all – will return to movie theaters in an uncut form for the film’s anniversary. The "rolling" tour will make stops in New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Texas and points in between. Rialto Pictures even released a trailer for the original Godzilla. If that roar doesn’t get your blood pumping, I fear nothing will.

The Godzilla reboot will be in theaters on May 16. I assume it will look NOTHING like this:

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