The Green Lantern Corps Movie May Have 3 Green Lanterns, Here's What We Know

When Ryan Reynolds starred as Hal Jordan in 2011’s Green Lantern it was supposed to be the start of a new DC cinematic universe. Unfortunately, for Warner Brothers, and Ryan Reynolds' ego, the movie did not do very well. The second attempt to launch DC’s extended universe appears to have taken hold, however, and while several films are part of that plan, Green Lantern has been pushed to the back of the line. However, it appears that when the Green Lantern Corps finally does make their return to the screen, it will be with a vengeance, and possibly no fewer than three different Green Lanterns.

While most of the new Justice League made at least cameo appearances in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the one character that was noticeable by his absence was Green Lantern. As the character has been a core member of the Justice League throughout its various incarnations, most have believed that at least one version of the character, either the best known Hal Jordan, or possibly John Stewart, known as the version used in the Justice League animated series, would be cast soon. However, according to Latino Review, when they went digging for details on which version we would see, what they learned was that current plans for 2020’s Green Lantern Corps film don’t only include the Jordan and Stewart characters, but also a third Lantern from the comics: Kyle Rayner.

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In the comics, Kyle Rayner is the young man who replaces Hal Jordan as Green Lantern when the traditional hero goes bad, in what is still one of the most controversial comic book stories ever written. It appears that in the cinematic version the two may be existing concurrently. Apparently, the plan is for Hal Jordan to play an older Lantern, in the age range of somebody like Matt Damon, while John Stewart and Kyle Rayner would both be younger characters.

A number of actors have very publicly been throwing their hat in the ring to try and get a shot at Green Lantern. Most publicly Tyrese Gibson has made it clear he wants the job. As recently as a month ago the actor said he’d been in touch with Warner Brothers about the role, though no decision had apparently been made. In addition, Chris Pine was rumored to be up for the role of Hal Jordan, before he eventually chose the part of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie instead. Though that was apparently never the case. Now, there’s a third major Green Lantern that some actor can go after.

We’re still working on the assumption that we’ll be introduced to at least one Green Lantern at some point during the Justice League films. Although, now there’s an entirely new candidate for which one we might meet first.

But that also means we can speculate even more about who might be cast. Who would you like to see play Kyle Rayner in the DCEU? Sound off in the comments below.

Dirk Libbey
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