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Guardians: We Officially Know One Person Who Isn't Star-Lord's Dad

James Gunn has taken to Instagram to simultaneously reveal who isn’t Star-Lord’s father while also having a sly dig at Kim Jong-un, too. Guardians of the Galaxy’s writer and director uploaded a long list of candidates for Star-Lord’s father, and one of the names scratched out was Kim Jong-un. You can check out his work sheet below.

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Now that the opportunity to make Peter Quill the heir apparent to North Korea has vanished, who else could possibly be his father? Well according to James Gunn’s rather wonderful list, Tony Stark from the future is also in line. That would be quite the turn up for the books, however it would also be pretty damn amazing too. And you can bet that Marvel would absolutely adore the money-spinning opportunity to include Robert Downey Jr. in Guardian of the Galaxy 2. There’s also Howard the Duck, who of course made a rather startling appearance at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, Peter Quill doesn’t quite have the feathery exterior that would indicate he came from the loins of the previously lamented comic-book character.

Meanwhile there’s also Peter Parker’s uncle, Ben Parker. However that would only work if Uncle Ben’s wife, Aunt May, is Peter Quill’s mother. And, from the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy, we know that’s not the case. Unless Uncle Ben had a torrid love affair with Peter Quill’s mother in the 1980s! But that’s just too heartbreaking to even consider! James Gunn also teases that Peter Quill’s father will be revealed as either Luke Skywalker or Kevin Bacon in Guardians of the Galaxy 2! I imagine that Lucasfilm and Kyra Sedgwick respectively would have issues with that, though.

However, in the midst of James Gunn’s gentle jab at the recent furor over the Sony hackings he also includes Peter Quill’s actual father from the comics in his list. For those of you who don’t want to know, I won’t reveal who he actually is. But, here’s a hint, it’s not the one that’s actually a cosmic entity. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be released in 2017. Kim Jong-un’s appearance has yet to be confirmed.