Through the course of 9 films, Guillermo Del Toro has shown some of the widest range of any director in Hollywood, while at the same time staying in the reliable genres of Fantasy and Horror. With Crimson Peak coming to theaters in the near future, audiences will soon be receiving another dose of the dark magic that makes Del Toro the visionary entertainer that he’s come to be known as.

With our eyes cast to the future, our thoughts turn back to the past as we count down the top 5 films of Guillermo Del Toro’s career.

Pac Rim
5. Pacific Rim
While Pacific Rim is a popular film in the work of Del Toro’s canon, it’s definitely one of the less grounded entries. That’s not to say the film isn’t awesome, as it still draws from the director’s fascination of fantastical beasts, parallel universes that exist on top of ours, and awesome mechanical devices. If there’s anything Pacific Rim should be celebrated for, it’s got to be the imagination and pure joy that goes into each frame of it. With the feeling of a war movie crossed with a Godzilla picture, Pacific Rim is too damned mind-blowing to leave off the list.

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