Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz And Reese Witherspoon Are Ryan Murphy's One-Hit Wonders

Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who has dabbled in film by directing Running With Scissors and Eat Pray Love, is returning to the big screen with a musical comedy One Hit Wonders, and Deadline says he has five major stars tucked under his arm and ready to begin work on the film.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce and Andy Samberg are attached to the project, which Murphy says he’d like to direct after The Normal Heart, which he’s preparing to make with Julia Roberts and Alec Baldwin.

One Hit, set up at Sony Pictures, would star Paltrow, Witherspoon and Diaz as pop artists who all had one-hit wonders at some point in their faded careers and decide to team up and form a supergroup. Samberg would be responsible for coming up with original music for the film, while Beyonce, I’m guessing will play a variation of her pop-sensation self, maybe as a rival for the other A-listers.

This could work. Witherspoon sang her way through Walk the Line. Paltrow has guested on Murphy’s Glee before and has an admirable set of pipes. I'm not sure about Diaz, but Beyonce can sing enough for three ladies (just ask Destiny’s Child), so there’s no doubt there will be musical talent in bucketloads on the set.

But when will we see it? Murphy’s going to sit down and write the script, which was born during a dinner party according to Deadline. He’ll collaborate with his Glee staffers Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. But then they’ll no doubt tinker while Murphy goes off to shoot Normal Heart. Will the script take shape? And will all of these talents still have time in their schedules once Murphy’s ready? There’s a lot that can happen between now and then, but One Hit Wonders has potential, if everyone involved can pull it off.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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