Rob Zombie's second Halloween movie, the imaginatively titled H2, didn't perform too hot at the box office this summer; it made $16 million opening weekend and has $32 million to date, as compared to the $26 million opening and $58 million total gross for Zombie's first movie.

But does that have anything to do with the fact that production has been shut down on the planned third movie in the series? Of course not! Deadline Hollywood has the scoop that production on H3D is completely over, but the official word is that "Bob [Weinstein] just felt it was rushing too fast," with the first script only coming in on Friday and production scheduled to start in November.

Apparently the plan now is to wait until director Patrick Lussier is available following work on his next film, which could make H3D's shoot start sometime in the spring. That is, provided they don't spend the time between now and then realizing how poor an idea this was to begin with, and shutting the thing down entirely.

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