There's still no set date for when we might be seeing the first trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, but this week has provided two new images of the titular hero. But do you know who's still missing? The Red Skull. Sure, we've seen Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt sans mask and possibly fake concept art, but still no official looks. Sadly, that doesn't end today, but we do get another clue as to what he might look like.

Big Bad Toy Store (via CBM) has posted images of a coming soon Red Skull costume that may indicate what the final incarnation of the character might look like. The pictures are pretty low quality, and they're probably not the greatest thing to go by, but I'm not loving this design. The Red Skull is called The Red Skull because the mask he wears, surprise, looks like a Red Skull. Because of the creases and soft features, this mask doesn't so much look like a skull as it does a standard freaky Halloween mask. I might be asking for too much here, but I prefer my Red Skull without lips.

Check out the images below and hope that this isn't what Joe Johnston features in his newest film.

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