Hannah Says Kill Bill Vol. 3 Is Happening, Elle Driver Involved

I have expressed my opinion regarding new Quentin Tarantino projects multiple times: you simply can't trust a word he says. The man has the worst case of ADD ever seen and has a brain that runs at about 2,000 mph. There will always be another project (though there was some doubt between Jackie Brown and Kill Bill) and said project may even get mentioned in the thousands of other ideas the director throws to the press during the time between production schedules. So what if word comes down from one of the stars of the supposed film instead?

During an interview discussing her new film, A Closed Book, with Film24, Daryl Hannah began to discuss plans for the third episode in Tarantino's Kill Bill series, not only confirming that the project will happen, but that he character, Elle Driver, will be playing a key role. It has been rumored since 2004, when a question mark appeared next to Elle's name in the closing credits instead of a strikethrough, that a third installment would feature the daughter of Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) seeking revenge against The Bride for the death of her mother, and receiving training from the now-blind Driver. The kicker? Don't expect the project on a production slate until 2014.

Happy? Excited? Ready to get on board? Let me be the crazy ol' townie that warns you before you enter the haunted house: Michael Madsen, back in 2003, said that Tarantino had figured out how to make a Vega Brothers movie, even though the actors had aged nearly 10 years. It never happened. Robert Rodriguez said that there would be a full Grindhouse boxset, including the fake trailers, that would come out within a year of the initial DVD release. I still have spaced reserved for it on my shelf three years later. Tarantino's friends and stars have the "false hopes" virus ingrained in them almost as bad as the director himself. This is me imploring you: don't believe this movie exists until opening night.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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