You guys also, just as writers, you’ve worked with some great directors, I mean Jonathan Levine, Michel Gondry, Greg Mottola. So I mean, how much did you guys get influenced from them just in terms of how you approached this film?

Evan Goldberg: Tons, I mean everybody that we’ve ever worked with, pretty much, Judd [Apatow] and all those guys, everybody.

Seth Rogen: And we’ve been very fortunate and I think we’ve worked with a good mix of directors too, which is nice. We’ve worked with some visually amazing directors…

There’s Michel Gondry [laughs]

Seth Rogen: …some people who are very good with emotional stuff...

Evan Goldberg: Gondry compared to Judd, big difference.

Seth Rogen: Exactly, but Judd, when it comes to the emotional reality stuff is better than everyone so we were very fortunate to have this mix of influences and we spent a lot of time with all of these people, so...

Evan Goldberg: Jody Hill and Michael Dowse make shit dark and gritty.

Showing off the most awful sides of life [laughs]

Both: Exactly!

Seth Rogen: So, I think that’s what nice about the movie. It is visually interesting, I hope... it’s a little more of an action film than people probably expect it to be, but it’s because we worked with all of these people and had so much fun together.

Also, you are dealing with this cast of the funniest people we have working in movies today. So, how much do you rely on them then just on a day to day basis to contribute to their scenes?

Evan Goldberg: As the directors, we feel the need to make sure we’ve got it covered. Everything they do is just a stupendous amount of icing on that cake. We think we could make it good no matter what, but they do make some incredible contributions.

Seth Rogen: It’s amazing what they contribute and sometimes you just can’t believe it. Sometimes the jokes they come up with, like that joke in the trailer where it’s “James Franco didn’t suck any dick last night?” I think that was actually improvised...I think that’s literally how it was improvised, how we used it in the trailer and we were all standing there, like “Holy shit! That’s fucking crazy,” and it was amazing. I still watch the movie and notice the shit some of the guys do.

Evan Goldberg: The physical things, like they all do these weird little physical changes to their characters that I’ve never seen them do.

Seth Rogen: Or there would be like a second of silence and one of the guys will say something that works and lands and gets a laugh and I’m still blown away. And I think the fact that most of them know each other really helped that. It was great. It was amazing to watch sometimes. I mean, it was six guys. That’s not easy to do.

Evan Goldberg: And they’re all so good at improv which means they have incredible memories. Everyone helped everyone. Literally in the circle of friends they’d be like, “Craig, you forgot that...oh, thanks, dude. Good call.”

Seth Rogen: And then if they liked each other’s bits, then they would help. It was great. They all really supported each other.

I heard early on there was some conversation about Daniel Radcliffe being in the film. I’m curious about that story and also was that directly related to Emma Watson being in there?

Evan Goldberg: No, it wasn’t involved with Emma Watson.

Seth Rogen: It was a totally unrelated. I mean, we wrote the part for the people, so obviously there was a Daniel Radcliffe and we wrote the part to him about and it went much farther than he wanted it to and honestly...

Evan Goldberg: In hindsight he made a very logical choice [laughs].

Seth Rogen: I don’t think that we approached it as fresh as we could have.

Evan Goldberg: We were excited to meet him and we just kind of, we were too excited

Seth Rogen: But the Emma thing, we’re just Harry Potter fans! [laughs]

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