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Work is well underway on the set of Captain America: Civil War. The news has been coming quickly, and quite a bit is going on. One superhero, however, has had some time to relax before going to work:

Jeremy Renner posted this tweet to his account yesterday from the set of Civil War. While Hawkeye being in the film was not new information, pretty much everybody from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be in this one, heck even Bilbo is making an appearance, but now we know Hawkeye is in the building and ready to get to work. He will join a super-powered slate so huge that this is going to feel more like an Avengers movie than a standalone Captain America piece.

That's not too surprising, though. Age of Ultron gave us a pretty clear idea where the broader story is going and Captain America movie or not, the repercussions of that film are going to have an impact on the entire MCU. The friendships we saw in Ultron are going to be put to the test and our heroes will be stuck on opposing sides.

The other, slightly more subtle, item of note in the image is the chair that Renner is sitting in. It shows us a new logo for the film that places Cap’s shield center to the title with the Captain America name above. It’s a minor detail to be sure and far be it from us to find deep meaning in something so trivial. It’s probably nothing. Unless... do you think it means something? More than likely it's just an attempt to focus people that this will be a Captain America movie. Our previous title image looked like this:

image description

It's a fair point to drive home, though. If Civil War is entirely told from Captain America's perspective, how will that inform the story. In the comics, you tend to see the perspectives of all the characters. While we know Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man will be heading up the other side, will we be seeing his point of view only through Cap's eyes?

Now that Hawkeye is on set, what’s he going to do? Whose side will he be on? Renner's Hawkeye had a much bigger role in Ultron than he's had in his previous outings. It will be interesting to see if that focus continues into Civil War. How will the events of Age of Ultron effect Hawkeye’s perspective going into a fight that will see allies on the other side? Not that there won't be other villains to fight as well. We know we’re going to lose some people in this film. Could this possibly be the last time we see Hawkeye on set? We'll find out May 6, 2016.

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