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Though The Hunger Games is taking a page from the Twilight playbook by assembling a ton of popular artists for its soundtrack, it's definitely been working harder for some indie cred, to the point that you might want to get the soundtrack even if you have no interest in the movie. Featuring new songs from The Decemberists, Glen Hansard, Kid Cudi, The Civil Wars, Taylor Swift and Neko Case among others, the soundtrack is scheduled for release on March 20, but of course they want to hype it as much as possible between now and then. We're already gotten a taste of Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound," and now Entertainment Weekly is debuting the track from The Arcade Fire, titled "Abraham's Daughter." Their music player isn't embeddable, so you'll have to head over there to hear it.

The group's frontman Win Butler also talked a little about his process in coming up with the song, and described the metaphorical title, which draws on some Biblical references to describe the story's heroine, Katniss:

“Our whole approach was to get into the world and try to create something that serves the story and the film. There’s something in the story of Abraham and Isaac that I think resonates with the themes in the film, like sacrificing children. So we made a weird, apocryphal, alternate-universe version of that, where it’s as if Abraham had a daughter — kind of a metaphor for Katniss.”

Even more excitingly, Butler described the group's other contribution to the score, "Horn of Plenty," as kind of an anthem for the Capitol-- "the Capitol's idea of itself, basically." They wrote the song and the film's composer James Newton Howard also incorporated it into the score, which means the entire sound of The Hunger Games will have a little bit of The Arcade Fire's flair.

Even if you haven't read the books by Suzanne Collins, it's hard not to be excited about The Hunger Games at this point, as all signs point to the movie being the first huge blockbuster of the year. You can get the soundtrack on March 20, and catch the movie in theaters March 23.