Help Make Kickstarted, The Movie About Kickstarter And The Future Of Film

Technically it's called "crowd-funding." But for the millions of people who have helped contributed to dream projects, or who have gotten their own dream projects funded, the process of allowing your supporters to contribute money to your work is now simply "kickstarting." And though the site has been around since 2009, we've never talked about Kickstarter more than in the last few months, from the Veronica Mars movie to Zach Braff's movie to the controversy that started up around both of them.

So what better way to explore this new Wild West of film financing than with a documentary that's using Kickstarter itself to get made? That's where Kickstarted comes in, a documentary collaboration between Jay Armitage and Jason Cooper that contains interviews with dozens of people who have participated in the Kickstarter wave-- including, as you may have seen on this very site already, Zach Braff. The exclusive clip you see above comes from another recent Kickstarter success story, Matthew Lillard-- that's right, another fairly famous person-- who used crowd funding to pay to distribute his directorial debut Fat Kid Rules The World after a successful SXSW debut. The campaign raised $150,000 last summer, and as you see Lillard and producer Nick Morton discussing the in clip above, campaigns like theirs and Veronica Mars have long since blown past the idea that there's shame in turning to your fans to help make your project happen. Lillard also floats the idea of using crowd funding to make the recently revived SLC Punk 2-- click through to the 3 minute and 50 second mark for more details on that.

You can click here to visit Kickstarted's own Kickstarter page and get much, much more information on the documentary. You can also watch this promo video below. It's a movie about the future of film financing that also is the future of film financing-- who wouldn't want to get on the ground floor of that?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend