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Help Wanted: Write For Cinema Blend

Cinema Blend never stops looking for talented contributors, but now more than ever we want you. No, not all of you. Just some of you. No definitely not you. The guy behind you though, you there in the back! We like the cut of your jib. We’re growing faster than we can handle on our own. To keep growing, we want your help.

This is your chance to get involved in one of the internet’s most successful, and fastest growing independently owned entertainment websites. Translation: We’re not a bunch of corporate tools which means we say whatever we want, but we wear second hand clothes and don’t have any health insurance.

To become a Cinema Blend contributor, it’s easy. Just head over to our Help Wanted page right here. It’s updated regularly, and if you look right now you’ll discover vacancies in the following positions:

Assistant TV Editor

TV News Writer

TV Recapper

Movie News Writer

Gaming News Writer

Games Reviewer DVD Reviewer

See? I wasn’t kidding about the expansion. Help us balloon out to an unreasonably large size by joining the Cinema Blend team. Just click here for details.