Here Are All The Problems With Goldfinger In One Tidy Little Video

If you're a big fan of the James Bond classic Goldfinger, then you might want to skip this one. If you choose to watch the following video, you'll spend 16 minutes of the movie getting completely torn to shreds.

I - like many other James Bond fans - believe that Goldfinger is the best that the 007 franchise has produced in its 53 years of existence. It's Sean Connery at his super-spying best, it has one of the most greatest villains in Bond history, features some of the greatest supporting characters, and even has one of the most iconic death scenes in action movies. When really looked at with nit-picking goggles, however, you do notice that it's a movie that take quite a few leaps of logic and doesn't have the most cogent narrative of all the movies. And that's exactly what CinemaSins has pointed out in this brand new installment of their webseries.

While I can't really imagine this video really diminishing the enjoyment of Goldfinger, it does make some points that James Bond fans have been jokingly asking for years. A perfect example of this can be seen with the character of Oddjob. Of all people, why would Goldfinger pick a bodyguard that's really good at throwing his hat?

Goldfinger Cinema Sins

Even the death-by-gold scene doesn't really make that much sense, given how much time it would have taken to paint Jill in Gold. Plus, why not just kill Bond instead of just knocking him out?

Goldfinger Cinema Sins

Of all the sins indicated here, however, I think my favorite has to be the joke about the "Continuity Girl," which winds up becoming a rather funny running gag throughout the rest of the video. The 1960s were certainly a very different time than the one that we're currently living in - though I guess that James Bond's typical treatment of women isn't totally out of sync with this kind of thinking.

Goldfinger Cinema Sins

As we reported back in January, Goldfinger recently got a brand new restoration done, and there is hope that the it will get some sort of theatrical release at some point this year. Keep your fingers crossed!

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