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This week, Warner Bros. and DC Comics made a huge coup bringing in one of the world’s most popular actors. After many years of waiting for his chance, Dwayne Johnson is now attached to play Black Adam in a new Shazam film. While this is very exciting news for all of the comic book fans out there who have been spent years reading about the two characters, however, the truth is that they don’t exactly have the same kind of name recognition as more high-profile heroes and villains like Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor, Joker and the like. The good news is that we here at Hero Blend hate to see anybody lacking in a good dose of comic book knowledge, so we are here to help.

For Hero Blend #32, I have once again asked fellow Cinema Blend editor Mack Rawden to join me. A serious double threat, he not only knows very little about the history of Shazam and Black Adam, but is also a serious Dwayne Johnson fan – the perfect combo I needed in a co-host for this week’s show. Prior to filming, I had Mack come up with his biggest questions about the character and the future of the franchise, and I did my best to feed him all of the knowledge I have. It’s time to learn, so hit the play button above!

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